Father Ray Foundation in Pattaya Thailand

If I spell his name correctly, Elvin, a volunteer from South Africa who are working in Father Ray Foundation in Pattaya, showed us around their campus and told us many how the organization is being operated. First of all, the reason why we went there was completely random. We saw the sign for the orphanage, which I believe is the same as is mentioned in Lonely Planet, on a tuk-tuk on our way to the floating market. Then after visiting many relatively “disappointing” places, I decided to visit the place. Ironically, the tuk-tuk driver drove us to another place, which is also a charity organization pound under Father Ray Foundation, out of the difficulty in communication I guess. I should be thankful now to the driver though it cost pretty much. I can’t say how this place is different from other charities, however, I really like the way it is operated. This is the home to many disabled kids, needy kids, and homeless kids. As a general charity organization, it is not actually restricted to some special category, any kid with any problem (some with their families) may come here for help. It was founded by Father Ray, who is a western priest. http://www.fr-ray.org/en/ contains all information about it. I just want to share some of my personal thoughts about it. It actually encapsulates all the

positive impressions I have for Thailand and Thai people (really abundant). It is desirable to describe the country exists with a Buddha in heart, not just because of the number of temples across the country but the benevolence and softness deeply rooted in the personality of Thai people. Sex tourism is pretty much what we had expected here (though we are not totally coming out of that) which has been proved wrong not long after we arrived here. The interaction with the local people made me extremely comfortable and soothing for my souls since the purity has made me regrow the hope for the future of human beings :-).

Father Ray Foundation provides accommodation and meals for each volunteers (according to the current policies), and each one who is considering doing some charity work can consider this place. God bless Thailand!


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